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When Sports Stars Pack Heat


News has been revealed from England that Chelsea defender Ashley Cole has shot and wounded a work experience student. It was reported that Cole took an air rifle, the deadliest weapon allowed without a license in England, to training and was fooling around with it. The rifle ended up pointing at the work experience student and going off, at which time the student was hit in the side with a lead pellet and began bleeding. He was stitched up on the scene, however a couple of days after the incident his wound began bleeding again, meaning he requires further medical attention.

The police, while not officially enrolled onto the case, have nonetheless launched an investigation into the matter.

Cole isn’t the first person to take a weapon into his club, Gilbert Arenas last year in the NBA also took a gun to the lockerroom. Arenas was met with a suspension that saw him sit out the remainder of last season and then he was traded from the Washington Wizards soon after making his comeback.

The NBA gave Arenas a remainder-of-the-season suspension and that was when nobody got shot, that was just for having a gun in the locker room and drawing it on a teammate who in turn drew a gun of his own.

The fact that Cole took a loaded gun into his teams locker room, then shot someone, accidental or not means that he should be facing at least the same sort of suspension as Arenas. In fact, he should be facing criminal charges and a much longer layoff from the sport because of what he has done.

In 2008, Plaxico Burress accidently shot himself while in a nightclub! He is currently serving a sentence in jail, so again, if this man is in jail for shooting himself, surely Cole since he shot somebody else should serve some sort of sentence.
It is due to Burress that the MLB has banned firearms in locker rooms and also due to Burress that firearms are banned from clubs.

Situations like this make people wonder why these sports stars are given such a free rein. The amount of times some sort of unruly behaviour has been seen by a sportsmen is to numerous to count, not just talking gun-related now, more of a general statement. In reality, sports stars are coddled beyond belief, like celebrities their every whim and demand is generally met and they are treated as delicately as children half the time. That right there could be the reason for their behaviour at times, they are no more than children who have been thrown into the spotlight and not had the proper time to grow up!
Why would a sports star need a gun in the first place? Are they planning on hunting rabbit while out on the field, or are they going to plead self-defense because there is an assassin waiting for them around the corner?

Personally I hope Cole gets suspended by Chelsea and the EPL, for a prolonged period of time and I also hope that he finds himself facing criminal charges and having to defend himself in court. It is pure and blatant stupidity on his part!