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What is Australia’s Greatest Sporting Rivalry?

It’s a question that can’t easily be answered, one that can see bias come to the fore and one that doesn’t have a definitive answer…What is Australia’s Greatest Sporting Rivalry? Continue reading

South-eastern Victoria… Leading the way for disability sports!

As of March 2011, 18.4% of Victoria’s residents were classified as living with a disability, a slight drop from 20.0% which was recorded in 2003. However despite this equating to almost 1 in every 5 people, there is still a significant lack of sporting opportunities available for those living with a disability.
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Australia’s National Icon

For years the Australian Cricket team was seen as the pinnacle of Australian Sport, both children and adults alike knew the names and the faces of the fine players that pulled on the baggy green. Steve Waugh, Mark Taylor, Shane Warne and Adam Gillchrist just to name some of the players that hit our televisions and radios in epic proportions during the November to February period each year.
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TV & Sport

As an avid and passionate sports fan I have decided to write an article with a tone more serious than usual seen by me this time around. I’m going to take a look at sport and its connection to TV, to the media and through that, to the public.
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Media Exposure & The Financial Benefits It Has For Professional Athletes

It is common practice these days for marketing executives to get a professional athlete to endorse their company’s product. But just how valuable is it? According to Masterman, many companies have claimed that endorsing professional athletes has had a direct influence on product sales. Gardner and Shuman believe that the more familiar the endorser is, the more likely the consumers will buy the endorsed products. If this is the case, it is important that the endorser is well known by potential consumers and one of the most influential ways in which to make an athlete known by the public, is through various media sources, such as Television, Print Media and more recently the Internet. The more exposure the athlete receives through the media, then the more recognisable they become to consumers.
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The hidden benefits of junior sport.

In a busy world where trivial things often receive far more attention than the important things in life, the true value of having children participate in junior sport can often be overlooked.
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