Heath Shaw up to no good… Again!

Collingwood premiership player Heath Shaw has once again hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons, this time being found guilty of breaching the AFL’s Gambling Policy.

It’s been discovered by the AFL’s Integrity Officers that Shaw contributed $10 towards a $20 bet on Nick Maxwell, to kick the first goal of his side’s Round 9 clash against Adelaide at Etihad Stadium. This occurred after it had been revealed that Maxwell would start the match at Full-foward, an unusal position for the Collingwood Backman.

Shaw has a history of poor off-field behaviour which includes a 2008 incident with teammate Alan Didak. Shaw was involved in a late-season controversy when he was charged with drink driving, after crashing into a parked car and reportedly registering a blood alcohol reading of 0.144. On August 4, Collingwood Football Club released a statement saying that Shaw had lied to them and that teammate Alan Didak was his passenger when the accident happened. Shaw and Didak however originally denied this, leading to the entire team fronting the media in a show of unity, where Shaw refused to divulge the identity of the passenger under media questioning. He was backed up by the current captain Scott Burns, however eyewitnesses identified Didak, and after the pair admitted to lying to their teammates and club officials, they were banned until the end of the season.

As a result of this latest incident, Shaw has been suspended for 14 weeks (6 of which are a suspended sentence)and fined $20,000 for his involvement in arguably the biggest scandal of the 2011 season. In addition to this, Maxwell has also been fined $10,000 for relaying information about his selection at Full-forward to family members.

The bet of Shaw’s also coincided with a plunge of money on Maxwell which saw the Collingwood Captain drift in from odds of 101-1 to 25-1, just hours before the match commenced. Clearly this was enough reason for the AFL to become suspicious and launch an investigation.

When quizzed about the suspension this afternoon, Shaw responded that he went to the TAB to bet on horses with a friend and gave his friend $10 to put on Maxwell. He has stated that he supports the AFL’s decision and is deeply apologetic.

Shaw will be available for the first week of the finals.



5 responses to “Heath Shaw up to no good… Again!

  1. Andrew McNamara

    I don’t understand why 6 weeks of it are suspended. why not hand him the whole sentence, AFL?

  2. Andrew good point, im not sure what the penalty should be but it has now set a predecdence if anyone else gets caught doing simular things

  3. It’s more of a scare tatic

  4. Soft, betting on a game your directly involved in, should be treated as match fixing, whether they bet on result or not. These days you can bet on any thing, so how do u know what result they are betting on… Because he is such an “honest” and reliable witness ,he should be suspend by the pies til the end of the season. As for them only putting a small bet on, Maxwell went from $151 into $ 25 so some 1 some where had a fair bit of cash on it for the price to drop like that…

  5. Michael Sharp

    From a different angle… You get three chances for taking drugs… I know this comparing apples with oranges but i’m just saying. I agree though that serious action has to be taken on the issue.

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