Harry Kewell – Brand Self Destruction

Harry Kewell, once the golden boy of Australia, is fast becoming a despised figure in Australian sport. We have loved his work representing his country both at a club and international level in the world of football but the current protracted and ridiculous situation which is developing between Kewell and the A-league is beginning to cause a lot of unease with football fans.
Kewell, 32, had been released from his contract with Turkish giants Galatasaray in June making him a free agent, with a number of clubs in Australia and England interested in acquiring the Socceroo. Many Australian fans would love to see Kewell return to Australia to play in the A-league but sadly the protracted contract saga that has occurred is causing a lot of discontent between the fans. The public are becoming tired with the fact that Kewell is yet to state whether he will definitely be joining the A-league or a club from abroad, he has only stated his desire to play in the same country as his family, which currently resides in England. His contract demands have also raised a few question over his desire to move to Australia because it is his home country or to move here for financial gain.

Kewell and his agent Bernie Mandic have constructed a complex variable contract based on attendances and sponsorship deals. Kewell does not seem to be willing to come back to Australia and play in on a regular contract that the majority of other players are on, the public reaction to this has been scathing with a vast array of people claiming that Kewell is money hungry and only negotiating with A-league clubs to try and boost his value overseas. The constantly conflicting reports on whether Kewell has signed for Melbourne Victory, Sydney FC or an English club is only making things worse and with Kewell’s manager being such a public figure his constant conflicting statements is just angering the public even more. The longer that these contract negotiations go on for the more Kewell’s brand will be tarnished unless he comes out explicitly and says what league and club that he will be playing for next season, either way though his brand has lessened from what it once was and this golden boy of Australian sport is fast sliding down the podium.



2 responses to “Harry Kewell – Brand Self Destruction

  1. joke of an article, not a football fan?

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