Hayden Crozier and THAT mark!

In Australia’s biggest and most competitive football code, Australian Rules, the search is always on for the next generation of stars, and for those youngsters in with a chance of being drafted, they often need to posses something special in order to capture the recruiters eye. Some do it through sheer toughness, some do it through do it through big bags of goals and others, like 17-year-old Hayden Crozier, choose to show off their fantastic athletic ability in the air, as he recently demonstrated for Vic Metro in the AFL Under 18 Championships. Crozier, a thin, agile forward, took this hanger which has captured the nations attention.

The incredible leap which the 17-year-old possesses is more often seen in the NBA and not on local football ovals within the City of Knox. However as highlighted below, Crozier has a habit of being airborne, displaying a vertical jump and a pair of strong hands which hasn’t been seen since the likes of Garry Ablett Snr and Tony Modra.

[Crozier taking a screamer whilst playing for Rowville, against Mooroolbark]

[Crozier taking two more screamers whilst playing for Rowville]

[Crozier, up to his old tricks against Mooroolbark once more!]

[And again, Crozier flying high!]

Despite the obvious flair and athletic ability, Crozier is far from just a flash-in-the-pan, having proven his worth for the Eastern Ranges this season, kicking 11 goals from 7 games and being named in their best on four occasions. This follows up a solid debut TAC Cup season in 2010 which saw Crozier play 13 games, kicking 16 goals and being named amongst the Ranges best on five occasions.

These solid performances lead to Crozier’s Vic Metro selection and after playing 3 games thus far, he hasn’t disappointed, kicking 7 goals and averaging 12 disposals. With two games left in the Championships, a few more solid performances will almost guarantee Crozier will fulfill his childhood dream of being drafted to an AFL club.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Crozier in the remaining Under 18 Championship matches as well as the remaining TAC Cup matches the Eastern Ranges play this season. However if you don’t manage to see him in action then, it’s only a matter of time until you’ll see him flying high in the AFL.



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