TARGET: Ricky Nixon

Tonight on Channel 7’s weekly Sunday Night program, Ricky Nixon finally shared his version of events in the St. Kilda Nude Photos/Kim Duthie/Ricky Nixon scandal, a scandal which has now dragged on for in excess of 5 months.

The interview with the disgraced former player manager was a fiery one, with Nixon threatening to leave on numerous occasions and at one point, threatening to kick the Channel 7 cameras and leaving the crew with, “A big mess to clean up!”

There were two parts to the revealing interview, firstly the allegations of sexual misconduct and drug abuse and secondly, the death threats Nixon has been accused of both sending electronically and also saying in person to the 17-year-old Kim Duthie.

During first part of the interview, Nixon was asked to explain secret video footage of himself in Duthie’s hotel room, wearing nothing more than a pair of underpants. His response to the damming footage was not one of denial as he instead chose to pursue the path of claiming there was no proof that he’d done anything wrong. True Ricky, however the public might believe otherwise… Why else would you be on her bed wearing nothing but a pair of underpants?

In addition to this, Nixon was also clearly heard discussing the taking of illegal substances whilst in the hotel room. When asked whether or not it was in fact his voice in the footage, Nixon responded with, “I don’t know if that’s my voice or not”, once again avoiding an answer to the question.

The second part of the interview was in relation to the alleged death threats he’s given both Duthie and members of her immediate family, including her mother, farther and sister. When asked whether this actually occurred or not, Nixon admitted to saying, “I will kill you and I will kill myself”, after seeing the video of himself in Duthie’s hotel room. However he denied ever threatening to kill members of her family.

Later in the interview, a clearly emotional Nixon described the moment in which he contemplated suicide whilst standing on top of a bridge over the Thames River in London. This highlighted just how serious this issue is and how far a man who worked so hard to get to the top of his profession, has fallen.

In summary, you’re probably wondering what The Clown’s conclusions are?

Ricky Nixon, regardless of what happened in the room that night, to be there at all raises questions whether you misused the trust which was thrust upon him by a young, naive school girl. There are claims you have cheated on your wife, and you have admitted to threatening a young girl and her family. Most of all, you have not set an example for AFL players, many of which you managed during your career.

Perhaps the saddest irony in this entire scandal is that you somehow managed to assist the likes of Wayne Carey and Ben Cousins through their own controversies and both of which have moved on to happier times since. The question is, who will help you through your own scandal? From an outsiders perspective, it seems you’ve burnt too many bridges already and your constant denial and the increasing list of lies is not going to help your cause.

It’s time you faced the facts and came clean. You need to apologise for what you have done, both to your family, friends and most importantly your clients. Everyone makes mistakes, the key to forgiveness though is about accepting responsibility and ensuring that it doesn’t happen again.

You have two options Ricky, you can continue to hope that it all goes away, which it won’t. Or you can admit you made a mistake by being therein the first place, accept your two-year ban and then fight back and regain the trust which once upon a time made you one of Australia’s most successful businessmen.

For the good of football, I certainly hope you chose the latter.



One response to “TARGET: Ricky Nixon

  1. Hit the bulls eye with this one the articles you guys and girl are putting out.

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