18-month old wins a professional football contract

Dutch football team VVV Venlo has signed an 18 month old toddler to a 10 year contract! The childs name is Baerke van der Meij and VVV  Venlo is the local football team near where he lives and it plays in the top division in the Netherlands. However that is neither here nor there, this is just downright ridiculous! For those that haven’t seen the clip, here it is –

Also here is a copy of his “signed” contract –

Now as I said this is absolutely ridiculous… Or is it just me that thinks this? I mean in one or two years this kid will be well past his prime, his body will be breaking down and his legs will not carry him across the ground as quickly as they once did, so the club is putting alot of faith into this young kid!

Ok, in all seriousness, this is utterly absurd! It’s another example of parents living their dreams through their children. What would happen if Baerke doesn’t even enjoy football when he grows up, instead chooses to try and follow in Ryan ten Doeschate’s footsteps? What would the club do if their ‘star’ signing refuses to play that sport?

Would you believe that the club has already released this in their statement –

“The toddler’s favourite position has not yet been determined. But we can speak of a right-footed player with a very good kicking technique, perseverance and, importantly, football genes via his grandfather”

No shit the toddler’s favourite position hasn’t been determined yet, the damn kid can hardly talk! They also mention perseverance, now how would they know that? Baerke hits the top of his toy box and the ball rolls away, he will continue having pot shots until he gets them in!?

The main focus of this short article was to draw your attention to it and to the complete absurdity of something like this. Or the complete gullibility of VVV Venlo, as another article states, the youtube vision hasn’t exactly been verified!


7 responses to “18-month old wins a professional football contract

  1. i’d assume a publicity stunt

  2. Daniel George Chu

    Pele signed his first contract at 15 and played for his national team at 16 and was a superstar maybe theres talent

  3. Dean 'Donga' Morris

    Ridiculous!!!‎ 2nd paragraph gave me a nice chuckle!!! Thankyou…

    Freakish for 18 months!!! But a 10 year deal cmon!!!

    And looking at his signature… Lol!!!

  4. Stephen James Quick

    His grand father was a great for the club so they will be signing him assuming he has family skills. No risk if it does not work out but if it does they have hit the jackpot in 15-20 years time. Smart business.

  5. What’s the contract worth?

  6. what tim said…it’s a ten year deal and all they do is buy a packet of nappies each month..then once he gets older it reverts to a case of baked beans…..its not like they have signed the kid for millions as an 18 month old….

  7. a 10 year contract 4 a child…

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