The incredible Yankee offence.

In 2010, Australian post-hardcore band, The Amity Affliction, released a song titled “Fuck The Yankees” and still to this day, the reason behind the title isn’t known. Today however, I may have found out why as I was left thinking the exact same thoughts…

As a passionate O’s fan, excited by their improvement in recent times, I was keen to watch them play at Baltimore on Sunday morning (AEST), to see whether they can match it with the all mighty Yankees. Sadly, despite being left disappointed with the O’s efforts, I was more awe-struck by the amazing offence of the boys from New York.

From the first innings of the match, the Yankees bats started to fire, with Derek Jeter (single), Mark Teixeira (double), Alex Rodriguez (double) and Robinson Cano (single) all having safe hits as the Yankees piled on 3 early runs.

Between the second and fifth innings inclusive, the O’s managed to restrict the Yankee bats somewhat through some solid pitching from Brad Bergesen, with Brett Gardner (double) and Mark Teixeira (single) having the only hits. Things however changed in the sixth as Robinson Cano (single) and Nick Swisher (walked) were brought home by a huge Russell Martin homer over left-centre field.

A three-run homer from Adam Jones in the bottom of the sixth kept the O’s hopes alive, and when they kept the Yankees at bay in the seventh, an upset was a slight possibility with the scoreboard reading 6-3. Enter the true force of the Yankee offence…

A Robinson Cano single started off the eighth innings and the Yankees increased their lead through Jorge Posada as he went long to break a 2-20 batting slump. Russell Martin then scored his second home run in as many plate appearances and all of a sudden the score was 9-3. Derek Jeter walked, Curtis Granderson singled and Mark Teixeira walked to leave bases loaded and Alex Rodriguex put another nail in the coffin of the O’s with his 22nd career grand slam… The score was 13-3 and the O’s were wondering when it would all end.

The ninth innings saw two more runs scored through a Brett Gardner home run after Russell Martin was deliberately walked (hit-by-pitch) from a nervous Josh Rupe.

So, a 15-3 loss and some soul-searching is needed from the O’s, however it’s worth having a detailed look through the Yankee offence, arguably the best in the MLB.

In a historical context, the standard batting average in the Major’s is between .261 and .273, with an average of .300 or above considered to be excellent. With this in mind, the table below highlights the career performance of the offence in the active Yankee roster;

New York Yankees – Active Roster (Offence)
  Games Hits Ave HR RBI
Derek Jeter 2312 2941 0.313 234 1139
Robinson Cano 911 1098 0.309 120 517
Alex Rodriguez 2316 2687 0.303 617 1841
Mark Teixeira 1234 1336 0.285 281 922
Russell Martin 683 656 0.274 60 315
Jorge Posada 1731 1593 0.274 268 1034
Eduardo Nunez 34 14 0.269 1 7
Curtis Granderson 828 834 0.268 132 375
Eric Chavez 1328 1283 0.267 230 790
Brett Gardner 316 236 0.261 9 90
Andruw Jones 2031 1844 0.256 408 1224
Nick Swisher 928 817 0.252 162 503
Gustavo Molina 24 5 0.114 0 1

As the table suggests, the active Yankee roster has a wealth of both talent and experience, with no less than six players having career batting averages above the historical mark, an amazing feat.

As seen today against the O’s, when it clicks into gear they are almost impossible to beat and with today’s win, the Yankees move three games clear on top of the American League East table. A 16th play-off appearance in 17 seasons (they missed-out in 2008) looks assured, despite being just a few weeks into the season and once the play-offs arrive, expect the big names like Jeter, Rodriquez and Granderson to come alive in search of the Yankees 28th World Championship.



One response to “The incredible Yankee offence.

  1. Indians surely can’t keep it going. Great story tho. I’ll stick with Phillies v Yankees even tho it’s predictable and lame!

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