10 minutes with Kim Duthie

Below is a transcript of an online interview conducted with an individual claiming to be Kim Duthie, the 17-year-old schoolgirl caught up in the St. Kilda Football Club nude photo’s scandal. We are unable to confirm her identity.

DC: Hi Kim, thanks for taking the time to speak with me online tonight.

KD: That’s ok, I must admit I’m slightly nervous.. 🙂

DC: There’s certainly no need to be! Look at this as an opportunity to voice your side of the story, a story which may or may not have been accurately portrayed in various other media circles.

KD: Yeah true, thanks. I appreciate you taking the time to publicise my version of events.

DC: No worries. Let’s being, it’s been a tough few months, how are you coping?

KD: Yeah it has been tough, but I’m doing ok. I guess.

DC: Any regrets?

KD: Plenty.

DC: Elaborate…

KD: Ha ha, where do I start? Umm, making the claims public in the first place!

DC: I see… Many people think you’re simply out to get attention, what do you have to say in relation to this?

KD: Deep down, yeah, I can see why they think that. There’s some moments I haven’t handled well but the main purpose of going public to begin with was to show that footballers aren’t the role models people perceive them to be.

DC: That’s a valid reason, however you can’t generalise like that. Not all footballers misbehave…

KD: You’re right. Some.

DC: Who’s been your biggest support throughout this period? Has it been a lonely period in your life?

KD: Yeah definitely. I’ve made some mistakes, like most people my age do. Unfortunately mine have been in the public spotlight, and yeah, it’s been lonely. Initially my family were supportive, but not so much now. I guess a few of my close friends have been there for me, but some have dropped away.

DC: That must make things tough. Is there anyone you’d like to apologise to? If so, why?

KD: Ummm hell yeah! My family, Sam (Gilbert) and Nick (Riewoldt). Some of my friends too, I’m sure I’ve been a pain in the arse!

DC: Ricky Nixon?

KD: Ha ha NO!

DC: Why not?

KD: I can’t answer that.

DC: Understood. What are your plans moving forward? What do you aspire to be?

KD: I don’t know yet, I like beauty therapy and hairdressing but I’d also like to go to university one day.

DC: Fair enough, it’s good to see you’re keeping your options open. Any last comments?

KD: Nothing specific, just that I wish the media would share my side of the story. That and for the public to forgive some of my actions. There were a lot of truths told and people forget that easily. Really, I’m a nice person who’s made a few mistakes. Like everyone else does from time to time. I’d love nothing more than to move on with my life.

DC: Of course and I hope this goes some way to help achieve that. Thanks for your time Kim and all the best for the future.

KD: No worries, thanks for the chat. 🙂


13 responses to “10 minutes with Kim Duthie

  1. Shes still a muppet

  2. Lynette Girdlestone

    Well done and congratulations Daniel and associates on your achievements.

  3. ‎10 minutes and such a short interview Dc

  4. Dean 'Donga' Morris

    How’d to manage that mate? Did you have to pay her? Lol

  5. Need to ask some hard questions… Dirty tart didn’t give you anything new!

  6. Ricky Nixon

  7. well done… She wants it to go away.. hahaha shouldn’t of got herself in this shit in the first place..!

  8. nice work

  9. Shaun Caulfield

    If she wants it to go away she should stop doing shit that keeps bringing back up……… Like interviews and turning up and making a nuisance of herself…… Or just curl up and die and do us ALL a favour!

  10. Donga, tee’d it up via her Facebook.

  11. You’re blogging has really come on when I look back over previous posts. Actually I arrived here from a forum on an unrelated topic. Worth surfing sometimes. Thanks.

  12. I notice your site has a copyright. How do I go about getting permission to use it?

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