St. Kilda teenager, Kim Duthie, apologises

The teenager at the centre of the St Kilda scandal and Ricky Nixon debacle has once again surfaced, publishing a video on YouTube where she officially apologises to the St Kilda players involved. The video can be seen below –

The teen, Kim Duthie, has made the headlines for the past few months with her releasing photos of nude players, video of Ricky Nixon doing drugs and meeting her on Valentines Day. More recently she has said she has more details on other AFL clubs and was seen ‘tweeting’ that Dale Thomas had better stop cheating on his girlfriend.

So does anyone actually accept her apology and think it is sincere? I sure don’t, but have a look at the video and make up your own mind.



8 responses to “St. Kilda teenager, Kim Duthie, apologises

  1. Too little, too later you fucking whore!

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  3. Next she will make a video on how she has more photos of the players she apologised to and it will just loop around

  4. Andrew McNamara

    ‎15mins of fame is up toots… go make yourself comfortable in the corner beside every big brother contestant. I’ve heard enough from her now. It’s become a bit of sad dribble

  5. Katrina Martin

    if we keep talking about her she will keep coming back shhhh lets just nod and not make eye contact

  6. Nick Macdonald

    Nova or another FM radio station will give her a job… they all give washed up hacks jobs

  7. I’d like to see her in a porn video..

  8. You are a very clever individual!

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