The Little Master’s improving form and that elusive World Cup.

As Sachin Tendulkar approaches the amazing feat of notching up 100 centuries in International Matches, the cricketing public are wondering just how many runs he will score before he calls it quits. Whatever the final total, it is extremely unlikely to be surpassed, highlighting just how amazing his career has been.

As discussed previously (, Tendulkar certainly isn’t slowing down in the longer format of the game, with his Test Match performances continuing to improve despite turning 38 next month. The statistical breakdown below highlights Tendulkar’s continued improvement over recent years in Test Matches;

The most important element of the graph is that of the yellow trend line which highlights just how noticeable the improvements have been over recent years.

In addition to his sublime form in Test Matches, Tendulkar has also improved significantly in recent years in the game’s shorter version, One-Day Internationals, as highlighted below;

The yellow trend line is again the key element and once again it highlights the improvements from Tendulkar.

Currently, Tendulkar comfortably has more Test Match (14,692) and ODI (17,953) runs than any other player in the history of cricket and should he play for a further two years, he is likely to finish with in excess of 35,000 International runs.

One thing however which has thus far eluded Tendulkar in his stellar career is a World Cup victory, despite his best efforts. As the table below highlights, Tendulkar has excelled on cricket’s biggest stage;

If anybody deserves to be part of a World Cup winning side, it’s Tendulkar, and the form displayed in the tournament thus far by himself and his Indian teammates suggest that time is now. If they aren’t successful this time around, Tendulkar may well miss out on having another chance as he’ll be 42 when the 2015 World Cup is staged in Australia and New Zealand.

A World Cup victory, in India, would be the pinnacle of an amazing career and may well be a fitting end to his One-Day International career. Sport in general has a funny knack of delivering fairy tale endings, we’ll know in just a few weeks time if the Little Master will receive his.



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