Where to now for Fevola?


The story of Brendan Fevola continues to roll on, either in the foreground or the background of AFL news depending on the Ricky Nixon debacle.

Fevola is the resident ‘bad boy’ of two AFL clubs, Carlton and Brisbane. The Carlton Football Club traded him off to Brisbane due to a number of off-field exploits that landed him in the media and heavily criticised. He was then, recently, sacked from the Brisbane Football Club due to further exploits and have paid him out for the remainder of his contract with them.

Fevola’s antics have always revolved around alcohol abuse, main examples are the Brownlow Medal night a couple of years ago and urinating in public.

On a very revealing interview on Channel 9’s ‘The Footy Show’ Fevola admitted that alcohol was the source and demon in all of his off-field debacles. He has stated that he is currently on a drug known as Antabuse, which is one that helps with alcohol abuse. According to Fevola while he is taking this drug, if he has one beer he risks the chance of a heart attack, such is the power of this drug against alcohol. This is also where we need to point out that Fevola chose to go on this drug, he seeked information from a doctor and was told about this drug and then requested to be put on it.

Another problem Fevola had was a gambling addiction, which he freely admitted to. In his interview with ‘The Footy Show’ Fevola stated that he had won $365,000 one day but then simply lost it the next. This morning he was seen and ejected from Crown Casino according to some sources. The actual story is that Fevola was asked to leave simply because one of the staff thought that it wouldn’t be a good idea for Fevola to be seen on the gaming floor, he then got up, collected his chips and calmly left the Casino floor. There was no, I repeat, no escorting out of the Casino or formal ejecting.

Fevola also says that he is a gambling addict when it comes to horse racing, not when he is playing poker. Fevola makes the distinction between track racing and poker by the amount of money he puts on them at a time and also the fact that he hasn’t made a bet on track racing over the past year or so. Fevola revealed that he hit rock bottom at one stage and the families only source of income was from his wife Alex and her stint on Dancing with the Stars. If his main problem was with horse racing and he hasn’t put a bet on them for over a year he deserves a pat on the back for that. However, I do not make the same distinction between the forms of gambling that Fevola makes, for that reason he should not have stepped into the Casino. Having said that, he is recovering from addiction and things like that take time to fix, relapses are bound to happen on occasion, having not been an addict I cannot step too far away from the fence in either direction, so I will leave this point with what I have said already.

On New Years Eve he attempted to commit suicide via slitting his wrists, this came after he downed four or five bottles of wine and due to his ADD, which he also revealed tonight, allowed his daughter to come to harm after she fell of her bed. He was then sent to a mental instituition on the 1st January, after he had already booked himself in for admittance on the 2nd January.

Three days ago the Casey Scorpions all but signed Fevola to play with them in the upcoming VFL season. After his actions this morning, they are now in a crisis meeting to determine whether or not to continue with his signing.
To me the answer is simple, Fevola will be playing with the Casey Scorpions this VFL season.

Fevola needs football to keep his mind free of gambling, free of alcohol and free of thoughts of suicide. What do they think will happen if the Scorpions turn around to him and say ‘No, sorry, you won’t be playing for us this season’? It will all come spiralling downwards again. Fevola was willing to play in the reserves for the Brisbane Lions for the entire season while attending rehabilitation, Casey Scorpions need to put the same parameters on his contract with them. Attend rehabilitation or don’t play VFL and kiss your AFL career goodbye completely.

The best thing for Fevola – play footy, attend rehab and stick to that and that only!

I would love to see him return to the AFL stage sooner rather than later, he is a great player and if he can get his mind right, he can easily reach those heights again. Casey Scorpions need to give him that opportunity, whether or not the Melbourne Demons, affiliated with the Scorpions, agree with it. The fact is Casey is still a football club and should do anything they can to improve themselves as a team. If Fevola can help them win games, they have every right to go after him and sign him.

There is a long road ahead of Fevola and I wish him the best, he has brought everything on him in the sense of doing it all in public, however he knows that and admits it. I sincerely hope that the Scorpions go ahead with the signing, maybe that would be the little bit of faith from a source outside of his family that he needs.



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