World Cup Match-Fixing

We all knew this was going to be a big topic during this World Cup after the last year that Pakistan have had in regards to match-fixing scandals. However, there have been more allegations in the past week than anyone would have thought could have happened. The main surprise, or non-surprise depending how you look at it, is that all allegations have come from some form of sub-continent media! No whispering of alleged match-fixing from the English, from the West Indies, from New Zealand or from Australia, just the sub-continent. We already know that the Indians run the game of cricket as they are the ones that throw their money around and around, just look at the IPL and the Indians coming on board the KFC Big Bash next year. But seriously, these allegations that they have come up with are just plain stupid!

First there were allegations against Brad Haddin and Shane Watson for playing too slowly against Zimbabwe. Sure they scored 0-5 off two overs and only 23 odd runs from their powerplay, but that is a cause for match-fixing allegations, seriously? Surely you would then look at the rest of the innings, Watson made 79 off 92 with a strike rate of 85.86, he was clearly trying to lose that game. Haddin had a lower strike rate of 43.93, however all you need to realise is that Haddin isn’t a great player of spin, most of the Australian team is fairly average when it comes to facing spin. Australia finished with a score of 6-262 so the opening batting obviously hurt them overall, I’d also like to point out that the strike rates of the two Australian openers against the strike rates of the two Zimbabwean openers, when added together, comes out higher so maybe the sub-continent media would like to look at Zimbabwe for not chasing fast enough!

The second set of allegations is even more ridiculous, Mahela Jayawardene and Thilan Samaraweera were accused of match-fixing in the match against Pakistan. Why you ask? Simply because they got out without making many runs! This was a joke wasn’t it, I mean come on, they only made two and one runs respectively so obviously they are match-fixing! There was no way it could have been the bowling of Shoaib Akhtar or the bowler of the tournament so far, Shahid Afridi. Sri Lanka had just lost a couple of quick wickets, namely the two batsmen who had settled at the crease and Pakistan had their tails up, the adrenalin flowing and took advantage of having new men at the crease. Now correct me if I’m wrong but that is what the bowling side is meant to do is it not? Try and get the new batsmen out as quickly as possible before he can become settled and score. Ryan ten Doeschate was out for seven against the West Indies a couple of days ago, after making 119 against England, was he involved in match-fixing too, seeing as he went out cheaply? Seriously, open your eyes and don’t allow utter stupidity to leave whoevers small mind it came from.

But wait, I saved the best until last…

Before the match between England and India, Shane Warne on his Twitter account said “Looking forward to the game between India and England – should be a cracker. My prediction – a tie!” Now this was clearly a tongue-in-cheek prediction, one that every single person would make many times in their life when watching sport because games could be too close to call. The difference here is that the game actually ended in a tie! Now how could Shane Warne have done that from his house over here in Brighton? As Rashid Latif, a former match-fixing whistleblower, said on FoxSports “I fail to see who stands to gain from the teams drawing as per international betting rules a tie results in a ‘fog’ or ‘void’ where both betting parties have to be returned their money as a settlement by the bookmakers,” so Warne clearly had a hand in match-fixing so he could gain… Oh yeah that’s right, nothing! I mean come on, a few mates of mine predicted a draw in the AFL Grand Final last year as a tongue-in-cheek tip and sure enough the Grand Final was a draw, I knew right away that they had done some sort of match-fixing agreement with the teams, or not.

The media in the sub-continent need to pull their heads out of their regions of no sun and view the game without bias and stupidity. They are hosting the Cricket World Cup, they should do so in a manner that is respectful to all teams and parties involved and these allegations of match-fixing are downright ridiculous. Just in case the media over there were looking for more match-fixing possibilites allow me to point out a few – England not bowling out Netherlands, Kenya making 69 runs total against New Zealand, Pakistan openers going out cheaply against a Kenyan bowling attack that conceded 46 extras and be sure to keep an eye on the Sri Lanka-Australia game coming up, I’m sure you will see plenty of suspicious activity in that match.

Seriously, heads out of the region of no sun, thumbs out of mouths, fingers out of noses, dummies back in, glasses back on and start coming up with some proper news, maybe its time for stupidity to take a back seat for a while!



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