A World Cup… Without the World.


The ICC has come out and said that they are excluding the Associate Nations from the next Cricket World Cup, which means the teams of Ireland, Netherlands, Canada etc, are currently participating in their last World Cup tournament.

The ICC might want to go back to the drawing board on this decision though, especially after the performance of the Netherlands against England last night. England were unable to bowl the Netherlands out, remember the English team boasts bowlers like James Anderson, Stuart Broad and the worlds best spinner at the moment Graeme Swann (not my words, I don’t think he is), yet they could still only manage six wickets. Ryan ten Doeschate, the fastest rising star in cricket after his latest innings, showed just what Associate Nations can bring to the table.

Associate Nations don’t have enough natural cricketers, like the Test Nations, that allow them to continually be competitive, however as was seen last night, they don’t need them. Skillful players become much better when in the middle with a natural cricketer, evidenced by Peter Borren last night.

The ICC need to assist these Associate Nations in improving their quality and class in cricket, otherwise people are going to get bored very quickly of the same teams, playing at the same time every year or every two years, whatever the case may be. Bringing in teams such as Ireland and Netherlands keeps things fresh and exciting. People can not honestly say that they weren’t excited by what they saw last night with Ryan ten Doeschate and the Netherlands. As it is those two teams aren’t far off being Test Nations you would have thought.

If these nations aren’t able to play in the World Cup the ICC is robbing it of excitement and entertainment. The Netherlands so far in this World Cup, the Kenyans in the T20 World Cup and there is no doubt more to come. It is up to the ICC to assist these nations, as I said, because when you think about it, doesn’t the ICC want the game expanded and improved across the globe?

For those that may not have seen it last night, here is some highlights of Ryan ten Doeschate’s innings against England, 119 off 110 balls –

Great knock and great entertainment!



19 responses to “A World Cup… Without the World.

  1. Ireland, Netherlands, Afghanistan, Scotland. Keep them in by all means. Kenya, Namibia, Canada, Bermuda, USA (and while we’re excluding the crap, Bangladesh) need to be taken out back and shot. They already stink up List A cricket enough as it is

  2. yes they should play, otherwise there is no forward movement just the same old, same old

  3. I too believe they should play, yes. Is the ICC really serious about developing the game in these countries?? … Doesn’t seem so.

  4. Yes. Just look at Holland’s performance yesterday

  5. Cricket needs the associates, they also need to play more circket against the full members. would be good to see ireland or netherlands one day make test status.

  6. Of course they should be playing! Fuck the ICC! Stop these ‘top’ players moaning about a ‘long’ WC! Its every 4 years for christs sake! Get on with it!

  7. Great wrap DJC. Like. I don’t mind dropping associate nations if the top on or two are allowed in the World Cup Final (much like Soccer qualifying – the Socceroos would never play if not for this).
    PS – Youtube are fuckers and have blocked …that linked for Australians!

  8. I can’t take the credit for that article mate, Mark Vallance (one of fours writers on my blog) wrote that great article.

    I agree though, these developing cricketing nations need some exposure and the opportunity to compete against the World’…s best!

  9. That’s what this is all about! Top players moaning how long it is! And ICC is kissin arse soooo bad!

  10. more likely the BCCI not getting enough money/control

  11. Half the tournement is basically a waste of time with the current format. I think they should be there but it is a bit of a drag! By the business end people will have lost interest, so perhaps just change the format so every game means something and it’s not gonna be easy for the top teams to make it thru.

  12. ‎32 Teams compete in the Soccer World Cup, correct?

    It’s about promoting the game.

  13. Just changed the video so hopefully now works again, when I wrote this this arvo it was working fine everywhere….hopefully it works again now!

    They need to shorten the WC, thats all I can think of. A week between games is too long of a wait, 2-3 days would be much better and one game a day is just stupid too!

  14. In 1983, Zimbabwe (a then developing nation beat Australia and had India 5/17 until Kapil Dev hit 175). Sri Lanka have been a “developing nation” in world cups prior. Ireland made the quarter finals last time, Kenya the semi’s in 2003. Cana…da have had a batsman score the fastest century (Davidson) in world cup history against the West Indies. The associate teams have to qualify to play in the main world cup, they earn their place. It’s like Australia making the soccer world cup…

    Personally I want to see cricket grow, and when you consider that the second biggest tv market in the world for cricket is the Indian expats who live in the USA, surely there is a chance for that nation to play well in T20 (particularly given it’s base-balling heritage).

    The only way for the world cup to be better is to have the associate nations who will work their way up to test status one day.

  15. Sure, but 32 might be a bit extreme!
    I think 16, like at the European champs is the way to go. 4 groups of 4, top 2 from each group go through and play best out of 3 quaters, semi and final. That way the best team will win, and it’ll be over… in a month!

  16. Agree with Jamie. 16 teams, top 8 seeded, open draw for the rest. 4 groups of 4. 2 games a day so each team plays every 4 days. Quarters and semis and finals next week. Over in 3 weeks and players can head off for IPL where their hearts lie.

  17. Can one of the test nations poach this guy and give him a uniform????

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