Ricky Nixon… The St. Kilda sex scandal continues.

The ongoing drama surrounding the 17 year-old girl at the centre of the St. Kilda Football Club sex and nude photos scandal has reached new heights after one of Australia’s leading player managers, Ricky Nixon, was exposed on CC TV footage leaving the girls Melbourne Hotel room on Valentine’s Day this week.

Nixon, the manager of numerous St. Kilda players who have also been involved in the ongoing scandal, including Nick Riewoldt, Sam Gilbert and Nick Dal Santo, publicly claimed that the 17 year-old girl in question was, “In a vulnerable state” after the scandal rocked St. Kilda in December 2010. Despite these claims, just two months later, Nixon has been caught at her hotel on Valentine’s Day, buying her alcohol. In addition to this, the 17-year-old girl has claimed that she and Nixon had an affair, on at least three occasions.

This isn’t the first controversy to hit Nixon, who once suffered severe concussion and fractures to his hands, arms and rib cage after slamming his Alfa Romeo sports car into the back of the tram on Swan St, Richmond, in March 2009. Nixon was charged by Police for leaving the crash scene and blowing 0.108, more than double the legal limit despite having the reading taken more than an hour after the crash. The timing of this scandal also highlighted a severe lack of professionalism, given he was handling confessed drug and alcohol user Ben Cousins’ much-hyped comeback with Richmond at the time of the crash.

Arguably the most high-profile sports agent in Australia, Nixon established his sports management company, Flying Start, in 1994 after a previous career as a Physical Education teacher. The company has since grown considerably and is now one of the leading sports management companies in Australia. It is also widely acknowledged as being a major leader in the innovative marketing of athletes, with Nixon being rated by The Age newspaper as the fourth most influential person of the past decade in the AFL.

Nixon’s work has helped educate players on the do’s and don’ts of being a professional athlete, he was once awarded the Australia Day Sports Medal for services to sport by the Prime Minister. His actions and professionalism in this latest scandal however are nothing short of disgraceful and once again highlights the disturbing culture which still exists within small circles of the AFL.

Nixon of all people should know better and it comes as no surprise that his athletes follow his lead.



29 responses to “Ricky Nixon… The St. Kilda sex scandal continues.

  1. what a wanker!!!! seriously, do any of these neanderthals have common sense!!!! alarm bells are ringing!!!!

  2. Way to set example d%&*head

  3. In my opinion, this is much worse than what the St. Kilda players did, Nixon should’ve known better.

  4. i concur

  5. What is penandpaperblog.org? Don’t think I’d take that as gospel mate… Surely he’s smart enough to know she’s bad news

  6. It’s all over The Age, Herald Sun etc too mate.

  7. First off rape allegations were news in stkilda with milne & more have followed. Stkildas culture is fucked and that’s why they are the worst club & will go nowhere!!

  8. Surprising… would have thought he’d been around long enough to realise she’s not the kinda chick you want to be seen with

  9. fuk up walter this ricky nixon thing has nothing to do with stkilda ya dum arse, as for club culturd every club has thier own share of problems and trouble makers …….

  10. In fairness to St. Kilda, this doesn’t have much (not anything) to do with them, Smitty’s right. Nixon is the one at fault here, not St. Kilda… However, I agree with Aaron in that recently (last decade), St. Kilda have had their fair share of scandals, nobody can deny that.

  11. im not denyin our culture aint great but all clubs have thier problems! Radio reports say he’s is shit loads of trouble they have audio and video tapes of it all

  12. That’s true mate, get 50 people together in any circumstance and there’s always going to be a few bad eggs. As for Nixon, serves himself right, the sly dog!

  13. could’nt happen to a nicer fukwit wish Glenn Archer had punched shit outa him a few yrs ago

  14. As DJC said this isn’t Nixons first slip up, he has done things to get him in the bad books before. The question that comes up from this though is how long players will continue to let him represent them, especially with ex-players like Alistair Lynch, Ricky Olarenshaw and Liam Pickering really starting to make moves in the player management arena

    Bottom line is Nixon should know better than to succumb to the same things as the players he manages

  15. What else would you expect from anyone involved in any of the brain dead football codes.

  16. Trent look at who the authors on the page are…Will tell you quickly who the pen and paper are

  17. St kilda. Is better club then your shit club find some thing better to talk about

  18. Luke James Moulday

    ha good on him… get it while he still can

  19. ricky nixon bog

  20. Ricky, in your own words “you are knob” What a dickhead! “I did not have sex with that woman!!!!” LMAO

  21. If this girl was mature and calculating enough to fraudulently photograph a man’s wallet contents and to set up the photographs she took in a hotel room, she should be charged. Ricky Nixon has been framed and needs the support of his colleagues and the team.

  22. Thanks Marie (I mean Nick) So someone else dropped his pants and wallet in the room – oh pleaseeeeeeeeee!

  23. Ba Roota is spot on, Ricky’s a muppet who deserves all he gets for being so sly and unprofessional.

    Marie, how on Earth could you defend his actions? Pfft!

  24. PEDOPHILE!!!!!!

  25. Interesting article. More interesting is the fact she tried to set him up and succeeded. She has out smarted a lot of people who obviously underestimated her

  26. Nick Joseph Phibbs

    Why is everyone believing that Nixon had sex with her, it’s been proven before that she will lie about anything. How bout giving him the benefit of the doubt or innocent till proven guilty

  27. She’s a silly, yet very well spoken girl, especially for a 17-year-old. Nixon never should’ve given her alcohol, makes his story hardly seem believeable.

  28. what I don’t get is why you would do stupid things like this what if there was a kid out there and he/she thought that he was the best person in the world and then the kid read this what would the kid thing then (poor kid) its simple don’t take the risk and with the car accident he not only could have ended his own live but someone else ( thank god he didn’t) I hva eone more thing to say about this moron: he doesn’t think! simpe.

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