St.Kilda… Home of hookers and sleazy Saints.

Another day, another sex scandal rocks the St.Kilda Football Club… The latest of which seems to be the most damaging yet.

After numerous highly publicized cases of Saints behaving badly in recent years, three of St.Kilda’s star players have now been exposed (pardon the pun) in shocking photos which have circulated virally through Facebook today. The three players, Captain Nick Riewoldt, Nick Dal Santo and Zac Dawson, are three of a claimed 21 players at the club who have posed nude for a 17-year-old Melbourne woman during 2010. She has threatened to reveal the remaining 18 over the coming weeks.

The photos, once again highlight just how easy it is for an AFL star’s reputation to be tarnished. Afterall, the three players revealed thus far are generally considered amongst fans and critics alike to have relatively good reputations… Well, they did have.

This latest incident is bound to have the critics asking what exactly is wrong with the culture down at St.Kilda, a culture which has proven time and time again to have no respect for women. This was first highlighted in 2004 when two players, Stephen Milne and Leigh Montagna were engulfed in allegations of rape, whilst on holiday. No charges were laid, however in June 2010 a former detective who was the lead detective in the case made claims that the case collapsed under internal pressure from within the Victorian police force and powerful club backers as well as another detective alleging the cost of the case was a factor.

Then in December 2009, star recruit Andrew Lovett was suspended indefinitely by the Saints following allegations of being involved in a sexual assault. After a Police investigation, on 16 February 2010 Lovett was sacked by St.Kilda following confirmation that rape charges were laid.

Finally, in May 2010, a photograph of a Melbourne schoolgirl who fell pregnant after allegedly having sex with two St.Kilda football players, went viral on the internet. The photographs were allegedly leaked by various St.Kilda players. One of the girls was identified as the 17-year-old who claimed she had sex with two St.Kilda players and fell pregnant to one of them. The girl, who currently attends a Melbourne high school, said she first met the players at a children’s football clinic.

Whichever way you look at it, the Saints are proving to be sinners in the bedroom and the reputation of the notoriously unsuccessful club continues to be tarnished.

Thank God I’m an Essendon man.



7 responses to “St.Kilda… Home of hookers and sleazy Saints.

  1. Essendon seem to be going backwards. James Hird’s coaching career will mirror Tim Watson’s

  2. its all a lie pic’s are fake

  3. have you even seen the pics??? fake my arse!

  4. Daniel I wanna c this girl hehe.. St kilda have a bad culture

  5. Nick R. Goes to the hairdresser and says “Hey Justi Baby take a liitle off this sides and trim the swingers while yer at it”

  6. hahah…..

  7. i want to see the pictures where do i go to see them

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