Time to grow up, Mr Capper.

Warrick Capper, now 47 years old, is at it again and is quickly establishing himself as one of the countries biggest clowns, this time hamming it up for disgraced on-lookers at the recent V8 Supercars meet in Gold Coast on the weekend. Capper, whose reputation is diminishing more and more every time he steps into the public spotlight, was seen kissing and groping a cardboard cut out of himself, shortly after pulling down the pants of one of his mates whilst on the balcony of a Gold Coast apartment.

If Capper, who played a combined total of 124 games for the Sydney Swans and the Brisbane Bears between 1983 and 1991, was currently playing in the AFL, he would’ve been suspended numerous times and ultimately kicked out of whichever club he was at. His behaviour is often abusive, disrespectful, usually of a sexual nature and simply not tolerated in today’s society. Here are a few examples;

1993 – Capper posed nude with his then-wife, Joanne Capper, in the August issue of Australian Penthouse Magazine.

2002 – Capper appeared briefly on the reality television show Celebrity Big Brother, but he was ejected from the series by the show’s producer for exposing his penis to fellow housemate Kimberley Cooper during an argument.

2005 – Capper released an autobiography, titled ‘Fool Forward’, in which he freely admitted to using illegal drugs during his VFL/AFL career. This caused controversy given such use would not be sanctioned under the current AFL anti-doping policy.

2006 – Capper announced that he was embarking on a new career, this time as a male stripper. During 2006 he also made a pornographic film that included himself and his 25-year-old girlfriend, Kristy. The X-rated film, entitled Warwick Capper Uncut, ran for 69 minutes.

2008 – Capper challenged former professional boxer Jeff Fenech to a fight, in which he ultimately backed out of. However in 2009 he did enter the boxing ring in a promotional charity match, losing to rugby star Wendell Sailor, who like Fenech, Capper had previously criticised.

These events, coupled with numerous others in years during and since his playing days are simply not funny and not appreciated by anyone in society. Of course, many current and ex-sporting stars are guilty of poor behaviour, but more often than not they realise their mistakes and turn out to be better, more mature people from the experience. With Capper however, it’s just the same old story. Capper is nothing more than a C-grade celebrity with a constant urge to remain in the spotlight.

In Warrick’s eyes, like those of an immature toddler, any attention is good attention and unfortunately because of this continuing mindset, the bad taste and practical jokes will continue.



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